Conference Symposia

  • General Issues

    1. Identifying the top ten threats to biodiversity in Southeast Asia (organized by Alice Hughes)
    2. Climate Change implications for conservation planning and research in Asia (organized by Madhu Rao & James Watson)
    3. The relevance of long-term programs for conservation (organized by Nurzhafarina Othman and Shermin de Silva)
    4. Reconciliation of biodiversity conservation, ecosystem service provision and food security (organized by Roman Carrasco)
    5. Biodiversity and the barcode of life: Southeast Asia perspective (organized by John-James Wilson)
    6. Seed fate in Asian rainforests: Understanding seed dispersal, seed survival, and plant recruitment in a changing world (organized by Pierre-Michel Forget & Ahimsa Campos-Arceiz)
    7. Conserving culture, conserving nature: the role of heritage management in nature conservation (organized by are Christie Lai Ming Lam & Sharina Abdul Halim)

    Hunting and wildlife trade

    1. Hunting in tropical Asia: An invisible threat (organized by Rhett Harrison & Sreekar Rachakonda)
    2. Overharvesting species for traditional medicine and food in Asia (organized by Hong Liu & Gunter Fischer)
    3. Wildlife trafficking in Asia: tackling unsustainable and illegal wildlife trade (organized by Claire Beastall and Jacob Phelps)

    Ecosystem-specific symposia

    1. Conservation of Grass- and Dryland migration systems in Asia – Opportunities and Challenges (organized by Peter Leimgruber)
    2. Ecosystem services of threatened mangroves in Southeast Asia (organized by Dan Friess)
    3. Conservation of Asian Coral Reefs and other marine ecosystems in the 21st century (organized by James Guest & Rick Leong Chin)
    4. Tropical Peatlands in Focus: Research agendas to support a sustainable future (organised by Rory Padfield & Stephanie Evers)

    Geography-specific symposia

    1. Challenges of implementing conservation in Myanmar (organized by Tony Lynam & Madhu Rao)
    2. We Don't Always Get It Right: Discussions of conservation failures and using alternative methods to achieve conservation success (organized by Nuzhafarina Othman & Lucy Peter)

    Taxa-specific symposia

    1. Seeing the trees from the forest – needs and opportunities for tree species conservation in Asia (organized by Robin Loveridge)
    2. Saving Asia’s small cats: Research, networks and future directions (organized by Matt Linkie & J Sanderson)
    3. Asian Galliforms status and conservation action: Where are the priorities? (organized by Tomasso Savini & Stephen Browne)
    4. Effective mitigation of human-elephant conflict tin Asia – Are we progressing at all? (organized by Prithiviraj Fernando & Ahimsa Campos-Arceiz)
    5. Research and Conservation of Asian Chelonian (organized by Chen Pelf Nyok)